About us

We had our first walking holiday in Madeira in 2008 and since that trip wherever we go we try to find the best walking trails. We discovered that we prefer walking in peaceful mountains with great views and listening to bird songs than wandering in crowded cities. However we also like to visit historical places (despite the fact that they can be crowded).

We really enjoy walking in the mountains and would happily spend every day on the trails.

Jacint became a keen outdoor photographer and he enjoys documenting the trails with his photos. Our first book, Walking in Cyprus was published in October 2017 and with the book and blog we would like to share our passion for outdoors with others.

Walking in Cyprus

Our first book, Walking in Cyprus was published by Cicerone Press in October 2017. Leafing through the stainless pages I hope that many copies will be carried around in Cyprus and many walkers will find it useful. Every walk described in the book brings back memories from the trails. Each photo has a story behind it. Looking at the maps in the book, I can see the pine-covered mountains, the coast and the small villages. I remember the people we met and the food we ate. We walked the 44 trails (and more), made notes, took thousands of pictures, made maps and spent endless hours putting the text together. In the past 2 years there was not a day when we didn`t think about Cyprus...and still isn't.