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People often wonder how to have fun holidays on a tight budget. Adventures and great experiences shoudn`t cost a lot of money. However it really depends on what is considered to be a good holiday and that is very different for everyone.

narrow street
Narrow street in Girona

We value the experience and the time spent in the mountains more than expensive luxury holidays and we spend time to research the options and shop around for the best deals, therefore we can enjoy a few walking holidays every year. We have never had as much money as we wanted to have, but visited many countries and walked many mountains on a tight budget. However our bank account doesn`t grow with the ever growing list of places we want to visit so we have to spend more time to shop for the best deals.

Girona's river

Last minute booking didn`t work for us in the past few years, so we usually book the flights 1-2 months in advance. We always use a price comparison website to book the flights. Once we have the flights we start searching for a suitable accommodation. We prefer self catering accommodation, where we can prepare some simple food. Therefore - even if we eat out a few times - we hardly spend more on food than at home. In the past few years we rented apartments via Airbnb and this worked for us better, than other self catering options. We always opt for the entire flat rather than renting a room and received a warm welcome in many different countries.
If we are planning several day walks in a certain area, we might hire a car, as in many places, it is often more difficult to get around by public transport. And some of the best day walks might only be accessible by car. Driving is a comfortable way of getting around and usually very affordable way of travelling. It also means that we can stay in the same accommodation from where we can have day trips. Many local car hire companies have really good deals, especially outside of their busiest tourist period. For walking holidays in Europe the best times are usually the spring and autumn months and if it doesn`t fall into school holidays in the Uk it is generally very affordable.
We have booked flights many times, visited many different countries, climbed many mountains but I still have the same excitement every time we book a flight or research a destination; I just can`t wait to go. I believe that sandwiches eaten on mountain peaks, coffee from the thermos with fine views taste better than all inclusive meals.

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